about us

IMG_2242welcome! we are so excited that you’re here. we are two first-year medical students setting out to cook our way through school. we hope that this will be a place to share our experiences in the medical world through the joys of simple and healthy eating.

for us, cooking is a reflection of the things that make us happy, the people we surround ourselves with, and the values we hope to instill in our medical practice and our lives. as we grow into our profession over the coming years, we hope to share some of our experiences–scientific information, interactions with patients, conversations with colleagues–and the recipes that they inspire. we hope that you’ll join us along the way.

be well- wardah&sue


contributing chefs

jea park

i come from a mystic land of metal chopsticks and beef-slicing scissors. (a.k.a. Korea) i jumped in the wagon, like wardah&sue, on a journey of life-saving and so much debt. (oh wait, pardon me – not wardah thanks to the NIH) cooking helps me stay toasty and crunchy instead of wet and soggy. noodles and stew are my favorite. i will also show our readers that there’s more to Korean food than kimchi and bulgogi.




patrick mcgillivray

SONY DSCmy name is Patrick. I’m a second year medical student. I met Sue and Wardah during the summer of 2014. this meeting happened on our downtime, from pushing forward the boundaries of science and medicine…

I’ve learned two principles for cooking: 1. use sharp knives. 2. be bold. this combination of principles, necessitates a third principle – *3. try to keep all your fingers.

my favorite food city is San Francisco. my favorite meals are the many (many) meals I shared with family, during my childhood.


ali mittelsteadt-pelger

SONY DSCI am currently in PA school but previously practiced as a registered dietitian. as the granddaughter of bakers, I have a natural sweet tooth and love to bake. the nutritionist in me and the sweet tooth are constantly at odds with each other. 🙂  when cooking I like to modify recipes to make them healthier or use recipes that focus on minimally processed ingredients. in my spare time I love to do crossword puzzles.


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