the family dinner series: new haven special and bell pepper salad


today’s family dinner was a lesson on inevitability, specifically the invisible forces of the universe that bring people together. it was 2pm, dinner was in four hours, and we had a guest list at 33% capacity but a fridge at 100% capacity. alright, we said to ourselves, perhaps this blog is succumbing to medical school. could even the Yale System–with its optional classes and exams–fall victim to this? four o’clock hits, and we start to get messages. one classmate asks if he can bring another, two more accept our invitations, and Wardah receives a serendipitous text from a 2nd-year med student:


the two have rarely texted before.

dinner was a success. to us, success looks like this:

  • discuss instances of racial tension we’ve noticed throughout our lives
  • split a package of delectable Russian ‘kit-kat’ bars, courtesy of Evgeniya, then


  • degenerate to bobbing our heads to “what is love” playing on Roy’s portable speakers we held in one hand and pumped in the air, and finally
  • when all the guests have gone, stare at the kitchen ceiling while lying on our backs, holding hands in amazement at our…fate? luck? what does one call the immense fortune of enjoying others’ company, in the midst of the whirlwind of our lives?

just when everyone starts to drift deep into their school, personal, and work lives, we wish you the same…whatever-this-is (and trust us, we’re trying hard to figure this out) and good company for these misty fall days and for all of your days to come.

be well – s&w



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